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Flooded street! by Manju Chaudhuri in Digital Art | Art . Posted on June 13, 2013
Magic in the streets of IIT Delhi by Prasad Ankit in Photography | Art . Posted on June 4, 2012
Street by Rahul Ranjan in Painting | Art . Posted on October 18, 2012
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The word often used for street art or graffiti for that matter is dirt, or vandalism, but it is a form of art that has developed over the years. It began a few decades back in the 80s when pop art was around and it brought about a culture which was unknown to the common public, the use of irony and bringing in the attitude by using a bundle of completely irrelevant color combinations in the pictures was something that the people had not seen before. What graffiti brought about in the art was the much required punk, it broke the shackles of the brain and created something which was new, fresh, exciting, heart pumping and energetic. It has evolved ever since and the street art has not been restricted to graffiti alone, but it has taken new shapes and forms. You can’t relate street art to only spray cans but it has now proudly converted into a larger form of art. The street artists believe that if their work is restricted to only a few people who belong to the elite class, then they feel that they creation has been caged, which they do not want for themselves. They want their art to be free and reach new heights. As many people witness their creation and get appreciated, they feel that their job as an artist is fulfilled and the sense of accomplishment that they get from it is unexplainable.

It started from the bold letters being painted on the walls that included the signatures of the one who had done it, after which the artists started taking the larger issues to the public and they expressed their respect or disregard to a particular set of decisions or situations that have taken place in their country. The people who walked by the road, stalled and looked at the creation that was done by the artists, and they remained awestricken at the kind of freshness that the person has shown through his or her art. The talent is immense but the local authorities sometimes cause a ruckus for these people who wish to take their art to the masses and not restrict it to the classes. They are free thinkers, the world is the canvas for them, they want to paint the entire world with their imagination, and the kind of thoughts that their mind generates is completely amazing. There are many famous artists who have been given grants by some governmental authorities to create magic on the walls of their city.

This art form is amazing, the colors and the materials that are used in it are something that a normal person cannot imagine. The walls are not the only thing that is being painted by their imagination, but the roads are not left undone, beautiful creations have been made out of chalk on the grey roads are also something that is able to create a stir in the minds of the young generation and instigate the passion and the love of this form of art. There is a thing called ruining the public property, but sometimes the worn out buildings and walls can be amazingly structured through this art to beautiful scenery, which may be appreciated by the public as well as the authorities. This is trend that has taken place in the whole of Europe and in America, the crowd is more welcoming and the governments support them as long as they do not make a mess of the public property. They have the permission to showcase their art but the artists have to keep in mind they are not supposed to put the walls to scrambles in the name of art.

Many festivals are being organized all across Europe and America to promote this form of art in their respective countries. The youth has among the biggest followers of this art, and they wish to take up this as a hobby or a profession in their lives. The opportunities are not mush, but one needs to be really creative to survive in this field because there are not many people who have taken this as a profession, and they have a good hold over it. They are the known faces, and to compete with the legends of the game you have to have a good amount of talent. Another thing about this art is the 3D paintings that are being done on the walls, there are no words to express how high can their flight of imagination can reach, the pictures that are depicted are absolutely awesome, they are crazy, they are real, they are completely fantastic so as to say. The amount of hard work and dedication required to nurture this art is great as this is not something these artists do it for themselves, they do it so that world can see what they are capable of, so that they get appreciated by the masses.

From Europe this art has now reached India, well not in a big way but it has and it is believed that it is here to stay. The amount of talent in the country is immense; they just need to be groomed so that they can give a run for their money to anyone in the entire world. There have been many art festivals that have been organized in cities like Chandigarh, Kolkata, so that this art can flourish in the country. This will open new avenues for the youth of this country. The number of opportunities has been increasing and now the young generation of the country can follow their dreams living in India. In a country with a population of a billion plus people there is no shortage of talent, but the only thing that is missing is the sort of opportunities and training. Art cannot be restricted to a few things, it can go anywhere, and it can reach much greater heights that one can’t even imagine. From the past many decades many people have been trying new ways to express their emotions through the form of art. Art has no definition; it can take the shape of the artists in depth imaginations.

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