MYSTICAL LIFE JOURNEY  -The Colors Of My  Life   - New Beginning by Tgcmd Tyagemcreations Mysticaldestiny
Portfolio Name : Illustrative Mystical Dream Series - Abstract Paintings
Artist Name: Tgcmd Tyagemcreations Mysticaldestiny
Location : Taiping, Perak. Malaysia
Country : Malaysia
Created on : 05 June, 2013
Artworks : 157
Views : 691323
Comments : 5604
Broadcasts : 761
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Description : My Mystical Dream illustrations · Painted , illustrated   and  Taken at my home studio..My advice to you is, never lose your passion to dream.Reaching your dreams is hard, but that's the only way to achieve it. You can reach your dreams if you persevere in life...We have our destiny to fulfill - you have urs and i have mine and together we shall journey to the land unknown where we find all that is beautiful ! This Album is dedicated to Bianca Esperanca Morias - my gem my princess and my life