My Awesome Mother - Poetry | Misbah Ashraf

My Awesome Mother  - Poetry | Misbah Ashraf | Touchtalent
Title : My Awesome Mother
Artist Name: Misbah Ashraf
Category : Poetry
Creation date : 15 July, 2012
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Broadcasts : 8
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Rating : 5
Description : Its just a small gift for my sweet ma An awesome mother is a precious jewel more precious than rubies and rare gold. She loves you with all her being and has a special place in your soul. She is there when you need her, and always on your side. Taking all that you accomplish with a strong sense of pride. My mother is the best and has always been there for me.. From now until the end… she will reign supreme.. She is my main source of strength when I am feeling sad and low. She smiles and fills my spirit and says she loves me so. I wish I could give her the longest life that has ever been known to man My mother is infinity and she is made of endless sand I love her noble ways and how she forgives others of sins She shared that talent with me and I thank her from deep within My mother is the BEST,.. always have been ..always will be Looking out for me and sisters, not just one… but all three.. My mother is a jewel and truly an awesome blessing Long life to her, my awesome mom… the BEAUTIFUL !!! # Misbah ;-)