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Portraits Of A Tribe - Photography | Vineet Pal | Touchtalent
Title : Portraits Of A Tribe
Artist Name: Vineet Pal
Category : Photography
Creation date : 26 October, 2014
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Description : I want to tell you a story about this Old Couple photo. This old man was resting on the road in front of his house and i was walking in his village for photography. My Dslr was in my hand and i asked this old man that can i please click your photo ? he saw me and then i don't know suddenly he started crying, seriously that was weird i again asked old man 'Baba can i please click your photo i like your face' he was crying continuously and he told me that 'Sahab Paisa nahi hai (Sir I don't have money)' i was totally blank at that moment and after a while my friend come forward and told that old man that he will not charge you for your photos. I don't know that you can see in this picture or not that he was crying when i clicked his photo. He was telling me again and again that i can't pay you for this photo i don't have money. I gave his some money for this shoot and told him that he is a good person and i will never gonna charge him for this photo.