The Woman - Painting | Pubali Dutta

The Woman - Painting | Pubali Dutta | Touchtalent
Title : The Woman
Artist Name: Pubali Dutta
Category : Painting
Creation date : 14 March, 2014
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Comments : 129
Broadcasts : 43
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Rating : 5
Description : The woman..It is simple yet complicated to describe the life of a woman. A source, an energy and a heart full of dedication and love. The butterfly of this work of mine signifies the quality as well as certain restrictions we have to follow in the society only because of being Woman. Butterfly has four stages of life or forms just like a woman have different roles in a family and outside. She wanted to fly high yet restraint; shading it on color blue because it reflects a dream and a hope. The lace describes femininity, delicate and pristine.