Lost Spirits In The Inbetween World - Sold For RM300 - Painting | Tgcmd Tyagemcreations Mysticaldestiny

Lost  Spirits In The Inbetween World   - Sold  For RM300 - Painting | Tgcmd Tyagemcreations Mysticaldestiny | Touchtalent
Title : Lost Spirits In The Inbetween World - Sold For RM300
Artist Name: Tgcmd Tyagemcreations Mysticaldestiny
Category : Painting
Creation date : 03 October, 2014
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Description : http://www.touchtalent.com/painting/art/Lost-Spirits-In-The-Inbetween-World-309380Lost Spirits In The Inbetween World - Sold for RM300My connection with the spirit world and departed souls trapped in the inbetween world certainly plays a major part in the abstract art work that has become a part of my life . I am definitely a perosn or an individual who is fascinated and interested in the paranormal, spirits, ghosts, and the metaphysical world. I watch a horror movie on youtube almost everyday . The Myth Of Earthbound Spirits–Ghosts Who Are Allegedly Lost Between Worlds, Don't Know They're Dead, Or Are Afraid To Go Into The Light. Another group is those Souls that do not realise they are dead but go on acting out the drama of their lives. They are often aware of the presence of living people and may try to make contact with them in some form or another; Using a medium to connect often helps a great deal .I know my grandpa who is my guiding angel who is always with me even during my accident .I see him all the time - he departed when I was 14 . I am fortunate - he is always with meBack in 2007 when i was in coma - I remember being in the inbetween world and there I was walking amongst the dead - I felt light and I was floating. there were souls there I recognised, who came to greet me but I was not ready to go with them. I still had a mission to accomplish and that will definitely happen in 2015 for my dreams are slowly becoming a reality. Furthermore, my daughter still needed my presence in her world , regardless the distance between us .So I popped back into my body and I was blessed with a new life. And here i am today sharing my rather 'Mystical Journey' with so many of you I remeber when I was in The UK and attended a medium group gathering at Rose Hill in Oxfordshire and this medium from Manchester had a message for me. He told me dont stop using your hands for they are artistic and someday if you paint - let the spirits guide you . This was back in 2010 and I started painting in 2012 and I do realize most of my paintings are guided by some angelic spirit and hence forth - why my paintings are always visible with trapped lost faces and spirits that seem to emerge out of my hallucinated art works, as it is clearly illustrated in this painting done in a hallucinative state on the 1st October 2014 at about 4 am.   This piece is now sold for RM 300 the very same day it was painted and makes it way into the home of Mr. Santhana who also purchased similar series titled my life in black and white when i dreamt about boradway and the old classics with Gene Kelly etc.Thank you for your purchase Mystical Destiny /Tyagemcreations All information and material appearing on Mystique Destiny / TyaGem Creation./ TyaGem Creations - Photography n Blogs / TyaGem Creation~ Passions & Fund Raising Events -FaceBook profile, page or groups to which TyaGem Creations shares are subject to copyright protections and rights solely owned by TyaGem Creations. The images shared may not be reproduced. Any reproduction, re transmission, republication, reinvention such as editing or other use of all or part of any photograph or document found on this is prohibited and is a violation of copyright. Kindly obtain written permission from the copyright holder . Copyright 2014©TyaGem Creations. All Rights Reserved.