SERAI 2014 - Digital Art | Jm Actionpnc

SERAI 2014 - Digital Art | Jm Actionpnc | Touchtalent
Title : SERAI 2014
Artist Name: Jm Actionpnc
Category : Digital Art
Creation date : 22 September, 2014
Page Views : 58
Comments : 6
Broadcasts : 3
Rating : 2
Description : SERAI 2014...I see the field of colours, of sharp blades and pointed tips,rising from the ground of clusters and spearing tops,some are ugly ,some are slender,some are dying, some are vigor,of short and high,together close they grow,at the touch rough to sense,bruise a fragrance release,a herb, a relish,a shrub, a wild green....oh i wonder in between many of a people is like such a taste.I ponder.....,......JM JASON