Flag of United Kingdom
Country Name: United Kingdom
Description : Often referred to as the “cultural superpower”, the art and culture of the United Kingdom was influenced by factors like history, traditions, symbolism or even its island status. However, the art evolved and with it the artists’ vision. Nowadays, artists from United Kingdom envision the future with their creativity or tell the story of the current present or of their own lives. With a rich literary legacy inherited from Wales, England and Scotland, United Kingdom has given the world a plethora of popular writers such as Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker or Lord Byron. However, literature is not the only thing United Kingdom excels at. Music is also very popular not only nationally but also internationally. Among the most famous artists from United Kingdom is Elton John, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse or Adele. Furthermore, talented actors and directors from United Kingdom influenced modern cinema. From Alfred Hitchcock to Charlie Chaplin and Harry Potter series the British movie industry has had an enormous