Flag of USA
Country Name: USA
Description : The art and culture of USA is more like a “melting pot” where various cultures left their own “flavours”. Therefore, it is hard to define a pattern as each region has its own tradition and customs. Artists from the East are different from those that live in the West or South. The art and culture of USA includes a wide variety of both liberal and conservative elements due to its demographic diversity and geographical scale. Music comes in various styles like hip-hop, rock and jazz with African-American influences from the 20th century. Nevertheless, artists from USA are brought together by good food and fine art. At the beginning of the 19th century, artists from USA were more interested in painting portraits and landscape in a realistic style. However, the most influential was the modern period when from Europe came to New York the Armory Show exhibition. Like art, literature in USA took its cues from Europe. Among the most popular writers that painted the literary landscape are James Fenimore Cooper, Washington Irving, Edgar Allan Poe and many others.