Flag of Serbia
Country Name: Serbia
Description : Serbia’s history is full of wars, devastation and mass-migration, but even so, its cultural and historical legacy is richer than ever. The art and culture of Serbia has strong influences from the Byzantine Empire, Paleo-Balkan people and even the Greeks. In time, the country gathered an impressive number of art collections, some dating from the 9th century and that could be found in some of the oldest churches. Studenica Monastery is considered the most impressive piece of architecture that was built in the 12th century and which incorporates not only beautiful frescoes and mosaics, but also amazing religious paintings. The contemporary paintings present a combination of religious, historical themes and modern ones. Moreover, painters from Serbia such as Olja Ivanicki and Milic Stankovic, are nationally recognized artists. The artistic and cultural heritage of Serbia doesn’t stop here. The country is well known for the textiles used in making carpets with complex geometrical patterns, or for the decoration of Easter eggs with natural dyes and complex designs.