Flag of Poland
Country Name: Poland
Description : The art and culture of Poland boasts a history that dates back to a thousand years ago and has its roots in the Proto-Slavs’ culture. However, in time, Poland’s culture has been influenced by various other cultures such as the Latinate, Byzantine and Germanic. All these influences are reflected in Poland’s architecture. Even if history has been rough with Poland, a plethora of ancient monuments such as churches and castles has survived its roughness. Developed in the 19th century, polish art maintains its unique character while boasting with European trends. Among the most popular painting artist from Poland are Henryk Siemiradzki, Jan Matejko and Stanislaw Witkiewicz. Artworks from Poland tend to capture the life and the history of the locals. Even in movies and theatre, the same tendency can be encounter and Polish people who attend to this kind of performances see the experience as edifying and serious and not as a form of entertainment. The art and culture of Poland has evolved since 1989. During those days, the government subsidized artists; therefore, they were forced to produce propaganda materials. Many works of art were forbidden and artists that violated the rules were imprisoned. Now, when the socialism has fallen, artists are free to express their artistic spirit, but with fewer resources.