Flag of Pakistan
Country Name: Pakistan
Description : The art and culture of Pakistan is a mix between the cultures of Central Asia, Middle East and India. Therefore, the multitude of regional similarities extends beyond the national borders. The talented artists from Pakistan make unique handmade items from glazed pottery to jewellery, paintings, pottery or carpets for which they became internationally famous. Performing arts are another domain where the creativity of Pakistan people can be appraised. Poetry is a form of art highly appreciated in Pakistan. Since the country’s independence in 1947 and the adoption of Urdu language as the official language, poetry is written in Urdu as well. Faiz Ahmad Faiz is considered the greatest poet, thus his birthday was declared national holiday by the government. Pakistan is also home of many folk singers and a wide variety of folk and traditional music has blended with the Western instruments such as violin and piano, bringing fame to artists from Pakistan.