Flag of Nepal
Country Name: Nepal
Description : In 1951, following the overthrow of Rana rule, Nepal went to a relaxation of censorship which encouraged artists from Nepal to revive their intellectual and artistic expression. Nepal’s cultural heritage is considered a source of pride for both artisans and locals. Influenced by the religious beliefs, the art and culture of Nepal can be described as beautiful, rich and unique. The multicultural heritage is manifested in crafts, music, literature, art and many other forms. Even though the most encountered forms are sculptures and paintings, dance and music are also among favourite pastimes of Nepali people. While the younger generation is attracted to the romantic music and the fusions between Asian and Western genres, older people prefer religious and folk music. Over the centuries, the Nepalese art hasn’t changed much and Nepali people retain their ancient heritage, but the western influences have started to affect the artists from Nepal.