Flag of Malaysia
Country Name: Malaysia
Description : The art and culture of Malaysia draw on various cultures such as Indian, Chinese, British, Persian and Arabic. All these countries brought to Malaysia distinctive and unique identities, boosting the cultural heritage of the country. Music and arts have the longest tradition in Malaysia, with art dating back to the sultanates. Traditional art of Malaysia focuses more on weaving, carving and silversmith. However, puppet shows and performing arts, influenced by the Indians are very popular and appraised in Malaysia. Furthermore, a wide variety of influences can be seen in Malaysia’s architecture and the most iconic building is the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, world’s tallest building. As for the music artists from Malaysia, they focus more on popular music played on percussion instruments. Pop artists are very popular in Malaysia and they have great followings on television and in person as well. Even literature is based on Indian epics and artists from Malaysia kept it in its original form, even Malaysia converted to Islam. Furthermore, English literature was forbidden for those belonging to the higher class until the appearance of the printing press.