Flag of Indonesia
Country Name: Indonesia
Description : Indonesian culture is the perfect blend between original indigenous traditions, customs and various foreign influences. Nevertheless, despite the foreign influences, the art and culture of Indonesia is still known for its unique songket, ikat, batik or the impressive statues of Buddha and his life. Furthermore, the creativity of Indonesian people can also be encountered in music, digital art, graffiti or 3D art. In the past decades throughout the country, multiple museums were built using both foreign and government funding to keep the traditions and the ancient objects. Among artists from Indonesia, making batik or painting on canvas is more common than the art of making stone sculptures. Batik textiles are becoming widely renowned especially overseas. Varying in elaboration, cost, artistry and quality, these types of clothes were made in cottages and royal courts, however they became a major industry in Bali and Java. Lively as the batik clothes are the contemporary dance, theatre and music.