Flag of India
Country Name: India
Description : The art and culture of India revolves around the Hindu religion. From ancient times, India has developed a wealthy heritage in all forms of arts from literature, painting, dance, theatre, music and sculptures. Artists from India create exclusive collections of jewellery, stone carvings, leather products and other traditional and tribal handicraft. All these, especially tribal and folk art, have a strong influence in people’s lives being tied to their rituals and beliefs. Most of the artworks from India are inspired from the day-to-day lives of their creators and have strong Vedic influences. Therefore, Indian art features round-figured goddesses, domes and arches, crescent moons, tendrils and vines, haloed deities and many others. What Indian paintings and sculptures depict the best is India’s spontaneity and diversity. However, from the 1990s contemporary art has changed the direction and style used by most artists from India. While sculpture and painting remained important, most of the famous artists chose to use their imagination to create unusual yet fresh pieces of art.