Flag of Germany
Country Name: Germany
Description : Art and culture of Germany has a long history that dates before the rise of Germany being shaped by the most popular currents in Europe. Of all 240 cultural institutions scattered throughout country, like museums, theatres and symphonic orchestras, 38 of those institutions are part of the UNESCO patrimony. Germany is well-known for the contribution in the classical music department. Hence composers like Johannes Brahms, Richard Georg Strauss, Richard Wagner, Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig von Beethoven are still cultivated not only through the country’s most famous concert halls, but also worldwide. Every period of Germany’s history features at least one representative artist. In graphic arts, the artists who brought Germany international fame were painters such as Albrecht Dürer (Renaissance), Caspar David Friedrich (Romanticism) and the Blaue Reiter and the Brücke (Expressionism). Literature was another art form where Germany excelled. The invention of the printing press (Johannes Gutenberg) and the printing of the Luther Bible, written in the vernacular German, helped in creating a national reading public such as literary journals, newspapers or reading societies.