Flag of France
Country Name: France
Description : The art and culture of France has been shaped for centuries by a wide array of historical events and foreigners. A cultural Western hub, France has struggled to preserve its cultural heritage and to promote and support its artists. The art and culture of France is a mix between various ancient civilizations such as Greco-Roman, Germanic and Celtic. Thanks to the wide variety of cultural establishments scattered all over the country, France has received millions of tourists per year. The Museum of Louvre in Paris is world’s largest museum that holds ancient works of art and culture of famous artists from France and not only. In the 12th century, gothic art and architecture appeared in France and spread to the rest of Europe. One century later, artists developed a new painting technique on stained glass and two centuries later, the last phase of gothic architecture also known as Flamboyant, spread to all of Europe. Music artists from France are as famous as painters or artisans. France features a wide variety of folk music, as well as an increased popularity of rock, hip-hop and techno.