Flag of Canada
Country Name: Canada
Description : The art and culture of Canada was influenced, over the time, by the European traditions and culture, but also by the American culture due to its vicinity and migration between the two. The country’s rich culture includes artistic, culinary, literary and musical elements, therefore is considered a very progressive, multicultural and diverse country. Overall, the Canadian literature presents a reflection on nature, life and the country’s position in the world. Divided into two parts, English and French, the Canadian literature has become richer in the last decade and authors like Margaret Atwood, Yann Martel and Alice Munro, won some of the most prestigious international awards. Visual artists from Canada have developed a wide array of highly individual styles and most of their artworks are being preserved museums. Painters like Emily Carr, William Ronald or Jack Bush had a strong impact over the modern art of Canada. All types of art, including painting and sculpture depict daily activities of ordinary people, as well as legends and myths of the Inuit.