Flag of Bangladesh
Country Name: Bangladesh
Description : The deeply rooted cultural heritage of Bangladesh is reflected in literature, music, clothing, dance and painting. Artists of Bangladesh are very tight of their literature’s legacy and traditional music. The most commonly used music instruments are the table, the sitar and the harmonium. However, modern music has become increasingly popular and widely practiced, especially in Dhaka City. Today, the most popular music is performed by a male-female duet. Equally important is clothing and locals have unique dress preferences. While women wear Sharee and Shalwar Kameez dresses, men usually wear fatua or kurta for cultural occasions and lungi as for casual occasions. On formal occasions, men wear suits or shirt-pant. Fine embroidery is used to produce Saris for women to wear; and shirts and pants for men. Even though any talented artist can create clothing, graphic art is a domain that falls within the traditional arts and is created only by Hindu caste groups. Throughout Bangladesh, the most common art form is pottery, while paintings and drawings are mostly visible on trucks and the back of rickshaws.