Flag of Australia
Country Name: Australia
Description : The art and culture of Australia were influenced not only due its unique geography, but also due to the multiple waves of multi-ethnic immigrants that followed the British settlement. The blend between English language, the democratic system left from the Great Britain and the high popularity of sports like rugby and cricket contributed to Australia’s Anglo-Celtic heritage. Even though the art and culture of Australia tend to fit in style with the Western culture, the artworks made by the indigenous represent Australia’s traditions, history and landscape. The most appraised arts in Australia are music, dance, painting, film, crafts and theatre. Pop artists from Australia are more appraised abroad than those that play chamber or symphony music. For many years, painting was influenced by the European traditions and not by Australia’s history. Until 1850, artists painted landscapes that resembled more with parts of Europe, however in 1945 things changed. Artists like Sydney Nolan or Russell Drysdale begun painting the isolated outback, influencing other artists to do the same. Most artists from Australia depend on government funding or the private sector and many, such as those practicing dance don’t make enough to cover their costs.