Flag of Algeria
Country Name: Algeria
Description : The art and culture of Algeria was profoundly affected by the French regime and their harsh rules. Even though the French tried to suppress Algeria’s cultural heritage and supplant it with their own heritage; however, along with the independence the rules have changes. The government financed the openings of handicraft centres and encouraged the artists from Algeria to focus more on their Arabic, Islamic and Berber heritage. Traditional Algerian arts include jewellery making, pottery, rug making and embroidery. Even in movies, the artists from Algeria have made progress. The Algerian films have become famous not only nationally, but internationally as well. The more appraised categories are documentaries and dramas that present social, colonialism and revolution issues. In dance and music, Algerians also follow the Arabic heritage. Arabic music tells a story and usually that story is about family, love and honour, even though it can be repetitive sometimes. The most popular music genre is raï and the most famous artists that play it are Cheb Mami and Khaled.