Things You can do NOW to Start Becoming Popular for Your Artwork

Artists are many out of which few are known, and just a handful of them are celebrated. Blame this disparity on the nature of artists. They are either shy, overly occupied, or don’t know how to make their work popular. If you keep on being shy, busy or uninformed, you are sure to never achieve the deserving fame and fortune. This blog entry is to help you improve the social exposure for your artwork using the help of the Internet. Read on, especially if you were requiring some mentoring on popularizing your artwork professionally.

Create a dedicated Facebook Page to publish your original work: Why waste your valued time tagging, commenting, liking and chatting irrelevant content when you can use Facebook to socialize your awesome skills. Create a Facebook page to publish your artwork and keep it populated daily or weekly (based on volume of your available work) with your most interesting content. Quality photographs, painting, or just any other sort of work has the surety to get you likes, comments and shares by your loyal followers. While posting original work, forget not to watermark it and put copyright information to keep thieves away.

Create a professional website: This applies to you if you have a set of work to share. Having a website multiplies your chances of being perceived as a professional and you have enhanced control over the type of content. Make sure to add social sharing buttons and e commerce features so that you can initiate a purchase in case someone wants to purchase your art.

Create a Touchtalent Profile: When it comes to receiving world-wide attention for your spectacular artwork, choose mediums that promise enhanced exposure. Did you know Touchtalent enjoys virtual footprint in 192 countries from where thousands of artists with more than 34 million social reach visit the website everyday to upload, share, appreciate, and monetize artwork?

Start contributing to art blogs: Choose credible websites that offer guest blogging features to artists. Contributing to blogs that deal in your work means you can reach standalone group of folks who visit the blog for newer ideas. An informative entry promises enhanced exposure, social recognition, and best of all chance to monetize your art. Touchtalent offers guest blogging opportunities to new artists. To write, please drop an email to blog@touchtalent.com

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