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Artist Name: Pubali Dutta
Location : New Delhi, India
Country : India
Followers : 3248
Followings : 38
Joined date : 27 September, 2012
About : I believe art is not only a way of expression but it’s also a form of enlightenment and knowledge. Nature influence me most and they are my muse.
Skills : oil, acrylic, pencil,water color and mixed media
Services : Painting, craft and photography
Achievements : Exhibitions : * ''Metropolis'2014'' in Guwahati, Assam,India * 'Kaleidoscope II' by SEEMS in India Habitat Center , New Delhi in May'13 * 'Women's Day' By SEEMS at Vasant Continental,New Delhi in Mar'13 * 'Paint for justice' by Nijh World various location with ICIL AND SUPREME COURT in Nov'12 * 'Kaleidoscope I' by SEEMS in Capitol, Hotel Ashoka, New Delhi in Oct'12 Awards and recognition : * ’Timeless grace’ is published in Arts of the Frontier in April’12.Arts of Frontier discovering the ARTs of Northeast India… * ’Man in Red’ was ART OF THE MONTH AWARD APRIL –Special jury selection, WOA is a group in facebook of 10,204 artists and art lovers across the globe. * ’Cheers’ was included in WOA SPECIAL MENTIONS TRIBUTE COLLAGE WEEK 32, Aug’12 * 'Hope I' was selected for International Gallery in May'13 * 'Hope I' and 'Hope II ' was nominated in TOP 20 in WOA ( WORK OF ART ) weekly wonders * 'Life' was shared in Color pencil magazine in July'13 * ''Drench'' selected as the Mixed/other media winner in International Visual Artists Challenge (IVAC) -July/August '2013