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Artist Name: Allan Fritz
Location : Orillia, Canada
Country : Canada
Followers : 234
Followings : 169
Joined date : 08 December, 2013
About : Al Fritz is a freelance photographer from Severn Township, Ontario - Canada. He is well known for his Naturalistic photos and has become popular amongst Cottagers and Wildlife enthusiasts. He has a vast following and has gained Worldwide recognition for his work. For more information on his photos and purchasing information, you can contact Al at: (www.al-fritz.pixels.com) Let the Magic of Photography open your eyes! - Al Fritz
Skills : former Truck Driver, Artist, Photographer enjoys Fishing & Gardening...
Services : Prints for sale.. ( www.alfritz-photography.com)
Achievements : Al has won 5 Awards Worldwide on Viewbug.com, and 38 Awards on Pixoto.com...he is also on YouPic.com for his Photography. He is a member of ODCC in Orillia, Ontario. Canada