Klaus V. Ostendorf - Germany

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Artist Name: Klaus V. Ostendorf
Location : Mettingen, Germany
Country : Germany
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Joined date : 06 November, 2013
About : Artist Klaus Ostendorf "...Your son's character is dominated by his own imaginings. All he's interested in is painting, drawing and writing. I suggest that Klaus be excused from these classes next year and that he use this lesson time to concentrate on other subjects..." This is excerpted from a note my main class teacher wrote to my father when I was in the fourth grade. I can also remember that, when I was only four and my mother asked me why all I ever wanted to do was draw and paint, I said: "I want to draw and paint the world more beautiful." After all these years, I believe that my dream is finally coming true: Being artistic and creative has become an integral part of my professional activities. I not only "draw and paint the world more beautiful," but also try to depict in as realistic a fashion as possible the endlessly fascinating wonders of nature with all their wealth of color, human beings in all their multi-facetednesss - and indeed the totality of our surroundings. It is always a great joy for me when other people derive pleasure from my paintings and drawings. I created many of the pictures shown here during the time I spent living in Africa, England and India. In recent years, I have been finding inspiration for my work in my native North Rhine-Westphalia and southern Lower Saxony. I use a wide variety of techniques. Some of my works are oil paintings or watercolors, while others are drawings in colored pencil. I often work in a mixed media technique consisting of lead pencil, colored pencil, watercolor and pen and ink. I offer paintings and drawings from my extensive selection for sale. I can also create a unique painting for you according to your specifications.
Skills : portrait-artist
Services : Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape-designer, Artwork in Oil and Acrylic, Portraits in Color and pencil- scetchings
Achievements : Art-exhibitions in London, Mumbai, Lusaka, Zambia, Ibbenbueren, Mettingen and Osnabrueck