Annora Hota - Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Artist Name: Annora Hota
Location : Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Country : Bosnia and Herzegovina
Followers : 196
Joined date : 03 October, 2013
About : Internationally published artist based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Annora took modelling lessons before she finished elementary school and did a runway fashion show in Hotel Hollywood, Sarajevo. She started to take an interest in photography at the age of 14. What was once a hobby soon turned into her passion and a desire to make a career out of it. With photography also came an interest in fashion, as well as the make-up art, digital art, and poetry. She finished a high school of fashion design and is currently a student of journalism in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She describes modeling and photography as a chance to express and discover yourself, or to simply be anything you want to be for a moment and have a reminder of it. It is important to be creative, to have ideas, but what's more important is to be able to execute them properly. Her favorite photography styles are avant-garde, horror, conceptual, gothic, eerie, as well as the glamour, pin-up, depending on her mood.
Skills : Themed photoshoots (fairy, gothic, vampire, dark, grunge, rockabilly, pin-up, etc), but also fashion photoshoots, portraits, whatever needed really. Photomanipulations are also a skill of mine, I can start from a scratch with stock photography, but I can also add elements to an existing photo and make it be the way you want it to be.
Services : Any type of portrait photography: make-up, hair styling, retouching included. Starting from a single portrait and going up to 20 photos.
Achievements : Published in local and international magazines, such as: Sarajevo's "Dani"/"Days", Kultur Magazine, Gorgeous Freaks, Gothic Noir, etc. Two of her works were features in exhibitions organised by the SeeMe community in New York.