Sudarshana Chakravorty - Canada

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Artist Name: Sudarshana Chakravorty
Location : Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Country : Canada
Followers : 598
Followings : 107
Joined date : 12 September, 2013
About : I am a gypsy roaming around the whole world with a paint brush and a flute.I did not have any academic training in painting as such but i have the best teacher, showing me the way to stroke a brush all round the clock, the mother nature.This is a tribute to my Guru ma.
Skills : Painting in watercolour,acrylic,oil ,pencil sketching,photography
Services : Paintings in watercolor,Acrylic, oil , photography, Workshops for youth and adult emerging artists.
Achievements : Participated in 1)Annual Multicultural show in Fort McMurray Alberta in 2007 2)Multicultural show in Fort McMurray , Alberta in 2008 3)Participated in Annual Bengali culture day show in Fort McMurray , Alberta in 2009 4)Participated in Surnandan Bharti group art exhibition in India in 2012 5)Solo exhibition at the Prestigious Hudco Art Gallery in Delhi, India in 2013 6)Participated in Route O' Art , a group exhibition in Mosaffa, Abudhabi in 2013 7) Participated in Simply Strokes, a group exhibition at the Hudco Art Gallery, Delhi,India in 2014 8) Solo show of paintings "my land My Canada" in Edmonton, Allberta, Canada in January 2014 My paintings "The blue window", Mrinalini,Friends, the Garhi girl,were chosen by the Director of Housing Development corporation of India , a Government of India enterprise for Housing.