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Artist Name: Nabin Chautariya
Location : Kathmandu, Nepal
Country : Nepal
Followers : 344
Joined date : 06 September, 2013
About : My name is nabin chautariya I'm from chitwan , nepal . I'm 21 years old. I'm a self taught artist 3d model rigged texturing animation , photographer. Design was something inside me, hidden in somewhere. One day when I was 12-years old kid I found it I was finally able to extract this talent and put it in my mind,hands and see it in reality. I started developing this talent everyday in my life and practicing it for the whole day. And now I thank God all the time for this great gift that I have. https://www.facebook.com/chautariyacreation
Skills : 3d model rigged texturing animation,art director ,matte painting, photography , photo retouching restoration
Services : 3d model rigged texturing animation and - All types of digital art designs (ie. Books, Magazines, Brochures ,...etc) - , Banners, Advertisement,...etc) - Personal designs (ie. Wedding invitation cards, personal artworks, Customized designs,...etc) - Highly professional customized artworks