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Artist Name: Sayeeda Goriawala
Location : Mumbai, India
Country : India
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Joined date : 29 August, 2013
About : Painting comes to Sayeeda naturally, she is a self taught artist and extremely in love with colors and nature. She yearns to bring her expressions on canvas and wants her paintings to be speaking to the observer. Painting ever since she was a child, learning by observation. Born and brought up in Mumbai, as a child she wanted to paint whatever she would set her eyes on; bringing the sketch on her note pad gave her immense pleasure, happiness and satisfaction . At a young age of 13 her friends and people locally were already buying her artwork in the form of handmade greeting cards. Her parents being unsure that education in art would be able to offer her the much needed financial support for her future, she pursued and graduated as a Civil Engineer. After graduating in a profession different from her passion, her passion had taken a backseat for a decade. In this time she got married and had kids. She also extensively travelled the world with her loving family from Middle Eastern countries to European countries, The United States of America, Asian countries: Singapore, Thailand, Srilanka and India. Each place left a lasting impression and several images on her mind which she now paints. As her passion for art was natural she was back at it very soon with participation in various Cultural and Art fests locally. Sayeeda also participates in online exhibitions and competitions and some of her works have been awarded special merit. She looks forward to create more awe-striking art work and keep her audience engaged by nurturing, improving and polishing her talent