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Artist Name: Pratim Relekar
Location : Pune, Maharashtra,india,asia,world,earth,cosmos ...
Country : India
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Joined date : 04 November, 2012
About : Hello...... My all WORLDS friend.. My colorful wishes to YOU .... i like to do friendship in all worlds people .. love you all.. .. i cant speak more about myself because i am a short spoken person. And also.. i am not a great artist ... but whatever i fill i drawn... i don't like duplication in Art .. what ever you like to do.. you do it on your own skill ,it is my thought and i am trying to do this..,Draw your own single line but must be a own mind ..than you got a real happiness, I am doing a always various designs not same i know it whatever i draw is all drawings are not good or not very best. .. but one Thing is must when common peoples saw your art ..they must be a happy , they don't make sorrow..... LIFE must be a colorful .. my education is in applied art (commercial Art).. not painting artist in.pune Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya also jj school of art mumbai ....................... now a days i am useing lot of vibrant colors.. because when i was in collage days.. i was used very mild colors .. on that time my thought is... it is standard but when i watch one cinema poster and i saw red or any dark colors using it is daring for using .. and you must have this .. so i am using this type of colors and it is giving pleasant,happiness also one my friend write thesis about red color.. it not a dangerous it is beautiful color , how many write about colors ..there is no limit .. how you use it .. that is most important .. One thing is i have to tell .. when i am going to watch any work on Discover.. what i like there i remark .. i can't see he is my follower or my friend .. if you like any artwork you have to remark ...if he was not given remark to your art work ....and one thing don't see who is the person means ..she, he or any cast,religions any art is have not any religions... cont...Ok... Please watch my work and tell me.. how it is .... ???
Skills : Painting /Com Art , Advertising Designing , photography , Interior Designing ,VideoGraphy ... Related Work..........................................
Services : Advertising /Interior designing, and layouts, photography, videography, interior decoration
Achievements : First I am Giving Lot of Thanks to Touch Talent .com... And i think still this a big achievement for me ........ THANKS to touch talent team also...