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Artist Name: Abhrodeep Mukherjee
Location : New Delhi , India
Country : India
Followers : 1078
Followings : 2046
Joined date : 13 April, 2012
About : i am an artist where medium is not important... the expressions are important.. art is a form of expression and creativity to me.. art is way of giving me peace .. and when i spent time with my work.. i feel i am closed to the almighty .. I TAKE ORDER FOR PORTRAITS AND EVERY KIND OF DRAWING SKETCHING AND PAINTING WORKS
Skills : pencil sketching, water colours . acylics, oil colours
Services : commissioned work for Around the corner resturant siliguri commissioned work for Indian army
Achievements : work published in an international blog krishna got selected in WORK OF ART contest trio lady got selected in WORK OF ART contest the sleep and the awake got selected in WORK OF ART contest Exhibitions : * 'Kaleidoscope II' by SEEMS in India Habitat Center , New Delhi in May'13 * 'Paint for justice' by Nijh World various location with ICIL AND SUPREME COURT in Nov'12 * 'Kaleidoscope I' by SEEMS in Capitol, Hotel Ashoka, New Delhi in Oct'12