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Artist Name: Pooja Raje
Location : Mumbai, India
Country : India
Followers : 15
Followings : 88
Joined date : 05 October, 2014
Skills : Photoshop Photography Microsoft Office Microsoft Excel PowerPoint Teamwork Time Management Social Networking Microsoft Word Customer Service Public Speaking Social Media Research Leadership Team Leadership Accounting English Event Planning Marketing Windows Market Research Event Management Facebook
Services : Causes you care about: Arts and Culture Economic Empowerment Education Environment Human Rights Disaster and Humanitarian Relief Social Services
Achievements : Member of 3 clubs in IBS- Hyderabad (Admire-the official club of branding and advertising, Nazaria- Photography club, Samavesh-Cultural club of IBS) Won first place in college event conducted by club Prakriti related to creativity during the Entrepreneur week 2013 Volunteered under United Ways of Baroda during Navratri (Desiging the poster) in 2010-11 2010 Received a Scholarship for a year under JENESYS Program International Exchange Program to Japan 2009-10 2009 Won Graphic designing Bita Exhibition Competition 2011-12 2011 Painting and Drawing-National Awards Kshitij –All India Child Art Exhibition KalaSarthi Art Foundation Painting and Drawing-International Awards I had even attended the International Exhibition “The Small Montmartre of Bitola 2004 “.and participated in the Workshop. The International Children Exhibition of fine Arts-Czech Republic International Art Competition-Bitola, Mecedonia International Child Art Foundation-Utopia International Meeting of Juvenile Art-Evora