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Artist Name: Sachin Sanghe
Location : Bangalore, India
Country : India
Followers : 227
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Joined date : 01 October, 2014
About : A self-taught Micro Sculpture Artist by passion and a Software Engineer by profession. I do miniature carvings on pieces of chalk and pencil leads. I have named this kind of artwork as 'CHALKruthi'.
Skills : Micro art on Chalk piece and Pencil lead
Achievements : - Met Bharata Ratna Sachin Tendulkar on May 1st 2013 in Hyderabad and gifted him Few CHALKruthis (One carving of himself holding World Cup, a hundredth 100 special carving of himself and Lord Ganesha). He was amazed looking at intricate details in those carvings. - Amitabh Bachchan wondered on seeing his face carved on a piece of chalk and said on twitter “wow ...that is so remarkable..shall put it up on other mediums..thank you” . Later he shared the pic of the carving in his official Facebook fan page. - Siddharamaiah, the chief minister of Karanataka and Deputy Speaker of Karnataka Legislative assembly N. Shivashankara Reddy appreciated the intricate details in the carvings at an exhibition. - Popular Kannada Limerick Poet H. Dundiraj, National award winning film directors Girish Kasaravalli and P. Sheshadri have appreciated the efforts. - CHALKruthi has been featured in leading Kannada dailies Prajavani, Vijayavani and Kannadaprabha, a Telugu Daily 'Sakshi', Bangalore Mirror, Kannada monthly magazine 'Priyanka'.