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Artist Name: Raj Birdi
Location : Delhi, India
Country : India
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Joined date : 18 July, 2012
About : As a child my mind bubbled with ideas, and as I figured out, the best I expressed them was through drawing them. Storytelling captured my imagination, I would think of characters and the lives they live, I drew them, made puppets and let out stories of my own. Through my formative years, I have been inspired by cinema. Cinema brings together the spirit of visual and performing arts to hold us in awe. We could feel and appreciate the presence of these arts while still being held by the story. Animation is a medium that, for me, brings the best of these worlds together. I love to draw, I enjoy storytelling and cinema. As an animator I get to draw all day; its cinema I can draw. After finishing my degree I found a training course in classical animation & graphic designing. I’ am currently working as a graphic designer cum Animator in Gurgaon.