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Artist Name: Rahul Ram
Location : Kollam, India
Country : India
Followers : 100
Followings : 20
Joined date : 02 September, 2014
About : I am a 27-year-old designer and a self-taught amateur artist. Art Director of Global Money week award-winning app"Little KGB" Lead Designer of "DIGI calendar app" with over 10, 000 downloads. I am an aspiring writer and have a taste in graphology and human psychology. I always look forward to new challenges and rich experiences as it helps me grow as an artist.
Skills : writer. designer, artist. graphologist. public speaking. body language analysis. video editing.
Services : on request I can design, animate, paint, write poems stories and scripts, do graphology. Edit and compile videos.
Achievements : 1st in JAM at MCET. 1st in face painting at MCET. 2nd in short film direction SCMS. 2nd in debate at FISAT. 2nd in treasure hunt NITC. 3rd in short film actor at CCET. 3rd in tech marathon Model College.