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Artist Name: Battista Brevigliero
Location : Monza, Italy
Country : Italy
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Joined date : 24 August, 2014
About : His own personal painting technique – gained by means of acrylic colors on canvas and of precise perspective design – changes remote skylines into living moments, captured from the surrounding space. The stage-like depth of his work glides in shades toward the focal point with nuances drawn from renaissance painting. In the foreground , instead, architecture is the metre that prevails over these partly fantastic, partly real compositions , with constituent parts like loggias , oblique arches and twisted standards. Typical is the presence of human body, that seals the proportion of everything and that becomes the focus of the whole scene ,where an unreal anatomy and the study of every single muscle help creating the whole beauty of creation. Currently Professor at the 'Institute of Higher Education of Monza Laboratory of Architecture since 1980