Maryam Naeem - Pakistan

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Artist Name: Maryam Naeem
Location : Lahore, Pakistan
Country : Pakistan
Followers : 113
Followings : 9
Joined date : 10 August, 2014
About : I m a practicing Artist and i did my Masters in Fine Arts from Punjab University College of Art and Design. Now as an Artist i am participating in different exhibitions and competitions.
Skills : Drawing, Painting, Craft work,Book Illustrator.
Services : 1) I gave my services as an artist on Pakistan Television Lahore, by painting in "FIRDOUS-E-GOSH". in 8 shows. 2) Hosted Red Carpet of "Tribute to Madam Farida Khanum" at ptv station. 3) I am working as an Art Coordinator of Junior and Senior section at The Brick School DHA Lahore, Pakistan.