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Artist Name: Neha Sharma
Location : Jaipur, India
Country : India
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Joined date : 17 July, 2012
About : Born in beautiful city of royals also known as Pink city -Jaipur/Rajasthan. A Commerce Graduate passionate about colors and artworks. When this passion became the reason to live i myself don't know. It all started with nail paints :-) typical girl thing loll.... but i use to love different shades. All the vibrant colors use to be a great attraction for me making me lost in my own dream world... then i started painting my dream world on canvas and soon it became my part of life... i firmly believe that one visual artwork can explain various emotional unsaid stories for which our words fall short...its worth thousands of words i work on vast range of mediums from traditional to digital . A freelancer... Also inclined towards photography conveying what my heart strongly believes in... recently falling in love with origami art form email ->urslovingneha@gmail.com,jiya.neha@facebook.com