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Artist Name: Janarbal Clicktrip&paint
Location : Manila, Philippines
Country : Philippines
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Joined date : 24 April, 2013
About : Since childhood, i love art! spent my college years in Far Eastern University and took up Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising and had a work before as a t-shirt designer. Now, a full time mom with an artist heart... a fine artist who never let household chores stop me from doing what i really love to do! I also love photography as it captures the art of nature brings. i always love colors and life the paints and photographs brings. the joy and emotional peace the art gives me that cannot be bought... I am back on track to paintings at present where loosing my parents just pushed me to hold my brushes and paint again. That's where i found my inspirations again for they are the ones who molded me for who I am today... and all my praises are unto the Lord for whom He gave me this talent I have.