Julio Calderon - USA

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Artist Name: Julio Calderon
Location : New York, Usa
Country : USA
Followers : 27
Followings : 23
Joined date : 01 July, 2014
About : Latin from Manhattan
Skills : tattooing, sketching, painting, drawing, calligraphy portraits and work with oil paints, markers, pastels, pencils, pens flairs, opaque and gels.
Services : personal handmade tattoo patterns. portraits (life-like), animation, designs, logos, lettering, signs, t-shirts/jeans.
Achievements : Ex graffiti writer, did work for 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Esperanza and was featured in the landmark graffiti book, The Faith of Graffiti 1973 by Norman Mailer. My tag at the time was Kool Kid as my street is the block wherein modern graffiti was born.