Elise Olarte - Philippines

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Artist Name: Elise Olarte
Location : Cavite, Philippines
Country : Philippines
Followers : 175
Followings : 12
Joined date : 14 July, 2012
About : Please check out my blog to see more of my work: http://eliseolarte.wordpress.com/ I am also currently organizing an outreach project for the benefit of the children victims of Haiyan. for more details please visit our site here: https://www.facebook.com/BangkangPapelPhilippines
Skills : drawing, painting, sculpting regular modeling clay, adobe photoshop, autodesk sketchbook pro
Services : Design, Portraits, Illustrations
Achievements : 2007 - Painter/Participant in “About Face”, A Self-Portrait Exhibit held by the Gintong Susi Art Organization (a University of Santo Tomas student organization) 2008 - Fashion Designer/Finalist in “Animax Fashion- Ability, 2008”, Fashion Design Contest hosted by Animax 2008 - Painter/Participant in “Top Notch: The Best of Gintong Susi 2008”, Curated by Mr. Fernando Torres 2009 - Fashion Designer/Participant in “Rue de Mirage”, College Fashion Show 2009 - Painter/Participant in A phobia-themed art exhibit held at Cuerdas Bar, Pasig 2013 - Painter/Participant in “PART.y: A Charity Exhibit”, Philippine Artists Reaching Out to Typhoon Yolanda Victims