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Artist Name: Nirupama Mishra
Location : Delhi, India
Country : India
Followers : 430
Joined date : 10 March, 2013
About : Mrs. Nirupama Mishra hails from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh and is post graduate in History along with B Ed. She is wife of Mr. Amit Mishra who was General Manager, BSNL, and posted in Trivendrum for duration of nearly 7 years from 2004 onwards. She developed interest inTanjore and Kerala Mural paintings after visiting temples and Art exhibitions there. Her hidden talent flourished when she started learning art in Women’s College Trivendum. As Nirupama Mishra desired to expertise in Mural, she joined a course under the very gifted Mr. Prince Thonakkal and continuing to learn from him. Nirupama is mother of 2 daughters Priyam and Sonali. Presently Dr Priyam is working in Forties Hospital, Hyderabad and Sonali is pursuing her B Tech course at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. Nirupama dreams of excelling in her passion and to carry this gift from Kerala ……all the way to North. Now she has shifted to Delhi, R K puram due to transfer of husband.
Skills : Mural painting, Tanjore painting, Pot painting and landscapes.
Services : Personalized Mural paintings on order. Or choose from existing paintings in her gallery.
Achievements : 1. Successfully conducted exhibitions at Museum Hall kanakakunnu palace Trivendrum in 2011 . 2. Successfully conducted exhibitions at Durbar hall in Ernakulam 2012. 3. Her Tanjore and Mural paintings are exhibited in Kerala Art Gallery at Kovalam, Trivendrum.