Philippe Berthier - France

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Artist Name: Philippe Berthier
Location : Lourdes, France
Country : France
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Joined date : 15 May, 2014
About : At the crossroads of painting and photography, Philippe Berthier offers a rich artistic universe in technical experimentation A native of Maine et Loire in france, Philippe Berthier is an entirely self-taught creator of images. Since always attracted by the image, he works photographic techniques since the 90s reign In his works a dark and lyrical atmosphere that overwhelms us and leaves us more. Philippe uses all sorts of materials and considers his place as a true laboratory of artistic experiences. There, his friends opened a new perspective him by teaching him how to use computer tools (computers, software, scanners etc.) and digital gradually takes its place in the work of Philippe. Then combining analog and graphics, he realizes that is offered to him endless creative possibilities. Using nature for inspiration and composing, so he mixes these two processes since 2004 to create his surprising images. Now based in Lourdes, it has recently exposed to Bayonne, and his work promises many other upcoming exhibitions, we will certainly follow closely. http://www.artmajeur.com/asaphil/