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Artist Name: Jason Mcneil
Location : Maryland
Country : USA
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Joined date : 14 May, 2014
About : I am an artist. Every time I press the shutter button I believe a piece of my soul goes into the art that I have shot. The image expresses emotion that is frozen in time and last forever. To be immortal, to be alive forever without breathing is what my images convey. Wisconsin born and raise, I escape to Maryland through the adventures of being a soldier. My DNA shows a lineage of artist in my family and I learned my inherit skill years to late and I am now making up for lost time. #IMMORTAL - Jason McNeil
Skills : Graphic and web design Photography Videography Editing
Services : Photography and Videography Specializing in glamour, fashion, nude, and dark art.
Achievements : Gothesque Magazine: Issue #11.3 – April 2014 (COVER!!) Elegant Magazine (Open Book Issue) – December ’13 Elegant ink Magazine (Debut issue) – December ’13 Inked and Sexy October 2013 Issue 2 Vol. 1 Ink Pushers Magazine – Issue #14 Inked Girls Magazine July/August ’13 Inked Girls Magazine November/December ’13 Suicide Girls with Zephyr Nouveau Stripped Dreams