Melissa Helene Mason - USA

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Artist Name: Melissa Helene Mason
Location : Minneapolis, Usa
Country : USA
Followers : 261
Followings : 44
Joined date : 03 March, 2014
About : I am an independent artists based out of Central WI, USA. I work primarily in black and white mediums - pencil, charcoal, and scratch board - but also enjoy oil painting and photography. My favorite subjects are nature, landscapes, and animals of the safari. I have also done several portraits and pet portraits as commissions. I love doing special projects for people as gifts for other, to celebrate life and love, or just because they dote on the subject. I am currently working full time, while trying to make my passion for art a career. I am producing my art as quickly as time allows, enjoying the adventure of online marketing, and jumping into as many shows and fairs as I can! I'm excited to network with other creative minds and celebrate art in all its forms!
Skills : Pencil and charcoal drawings Scratch board pieces Oil paint Pastel and pastel pencil drawings Photography
Services : Visit www.melissahelene.com for more information!
Achievements : Featured visual artist with RAW Minneapolis, February 2014