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Artist Name: Geetha Gunalan
Location : ,hyderabad ,india
Country : India
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Joined date : 27 January, 2013
About : most of the time I wonder why any thing in life happens the way it does... but every time I realized that it happened for a good cause.. one fine example is me in art .... i had a central government job and i enjoyed that too, but i was forced to bade it goodbye because my health conditions began to deteriorate... and four years ago i found that picking up a paint brush and painting my thoughts gave me utmost happiness, joy and peace of mind. i realized then that my true passion was art... i never thought that i would come this far but when you do something you truly love time flies by.... i have been enjoying my colorful journey since! words can never describe the connection i have with art.. after all, a picture is worth a thousand words!!!
Skills : oil painting pencil sketches water colors