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Artist Name: Kathleen Mueller
Location : Clever,missouri
Country : USA
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Joined date : 11 February, 2014
About : semi retired and haven't drawn in years...would like to learn from others and get some helpful advice I have been sketching and drawing now for a few weeks and feel so inspired by all of the talent and works I have viewed. I am also thankful for all the support I have been receiving. I am on a wonderful journey right now, just at the beginning of it, very glad I have the support and company from dedicated artists, to take this journey with me! September 21st, 2014- I have been sketching and painting for the last several months. I have so many wonderful artists that not only have inspired me, but encouraged me and helped me on my learning process to become a better artist. Thank-you touchtalent for bringing the world together, without prejudice, politics, just a bond of love and sharing of the world through artists eyes, around the world. I am in awe of the talent that I am able to enjoy, and can only hope one day, to be as good as many of the artists around the world I have had the pleasure to talk with, be encouraged by, and learn from. Without the continued support and assistance I have received through other artists, I would not be drawing and painting now. Thank-you to all Touchtalent artists for helping me find my passion and love of art, and further developing my skills. Thank-you for taking the time to appreciate other artist's works. You are the thread that binds the love and creativity of so many artists around the world.