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Artist Name: Anthony Corrigan
Location : Glasgow, United Kingdom
Country : United Kingdom
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Joined date : 10 February, 2014
About : Hi there, my name is Anthony and welcome to my page "Big Muskills". On my page you will find a collection of posters and prints of all things retro, from classic american muscle cars, to superheroes, classic movie characters and many more. So I invite you to have a browse through my pieces and hopefully you find a piece that you need in your life, and if you don't then feel free to get in touch with me by sending me a message and I would be more than happy to do a specific piece to suit your own requirements. For my artwork I use a tablet to sketch and colour my pieces, it is exactly the same as using pen and paper with the main advantage being that as soon as I have finshed I have a digital copy that I can send to the printers. This means, ultimately, I am able to deliver them to my customers much quicker. So may I just say thank you for taking time to visit "Big Muskills" and I hope you find exactly what you are looking for.
Services : Digital artwork, I take any requests for any pieces and I can promise a quick turnaround with a high quality of work. View my full gallery with prices here: http://pr-nt.me/bigmuskills