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Artist Name: Rohit Gupta Photography
Location : Bangalore
Country : India
Followers : 108
Followings : 3
Joined date : 16 June, 2012
About : ­­I am a self taught photographer and for me, everything in this world is beautiful. Fascinated by the world around, I always wanted to go back in time and experience those moments which passed away. And there I am now, with my love around my neck, carrying it everywhere I go and capturing the moments so that I can relive them anytime I want to.
Skills : Street Photography, Candid, Baby portraits
Achievements : My work got published in first edition on an online magazine called INSPIRO INDIA http://www.mediafire.com/view/5w3z0zgba8jzv65/Inspiro+India+Magazine+by+CAC+Club.pdf